Project sponsor feedback

"The IT Capstone project was an enlightening experience that enabled us to have a new point of view at several procedures we use internally. This new point of view could help us open some opportunities and find answers to some risk we were not taking seriously before. An example of this might be the age of our technology and its overall efficiency." - NueMD, spring 2015

"I have completely enjoyed this project. This project [ignites the] start of a long term research on applying log processing towards analyzing security and privacy breaches. I think the student got stressed out, but the key success is their own overcoming of various challenges time to time including technical and sharing of experiences from each other." - Dr. Hossain, fall 2015

(This capstone project) “really allows the collaboration between school and business. I can see it will work out great for some proof of concept projects for businesses. Will do it again." - Steven (private), fall 2015

"I was extremely impressed with the team’s dedication to the project and what they accomplished. Examining multiple products for deficiencies or where they excel can be a daunting task; however, they were able to do this in a clear way and communicate the results effectively." - GTRI, fall 2014

"… we are incorporating elements of their project into our Monthly CIO Cyber Review.  Their visualization of data thru the use of graphs was very effective and we have modified some of their ideas for use in our reporting environment." - GTA, fall 2012

Student reflections

"I liked the fact that there was no real “instruction” involved. It was up to us to find and solve the problems. We were given a starting point and an ending point, and everything in between was our responsibility to handle. That is the essence of real-world experience, and I believe that, especially for the younger students, it is an experience that cannot have a value placed on it."

"I learned a lot form this experience and actually enjoyed the challenges that we faced along the way in hind sight. I felt that I was actually using and applying the knowledge I had learned in school for a real project, not just another grade for a class."

"This class gave me the experience in a team leader position to learn more about the role of leader and how to better deal with the stress related to a larger project (organization, scheduling, attention to details). This class also gave me more confidence in myself and not to be shy when needing to communicate clearly with teammates and projects owners. I feel I am a better more confident person because of it. This class also reinforced my future goals to become a team leader/ project manager in my career."

"I view this project as the most helpful of all the courses in my degree program and career. Capstone has taught me more about myself and how to interact with others and how the real world work environment might be like."

"This is a good project to help me get better for the career path I picked. It allowed me to understand what it is like to work in a team alongside a client. It is a very realistic project in term of what kind of technical and nontechnical skills I need to perform well."

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