Spring 2017 IT Capstone Projects

Anthem Big Data - https://sites.google.com/view/anthemcapstone2017/

Anthem Inc. is an American health insurance company founded in the 1940s, prior to 2014 known as WellPoint, Inc. It is the largest for-profit managed health care company in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. The analytics team at Anthem is investigating the building of personal (insurer) profiles for query and analysis using NoSQL systems. The student team helped build a sample solution on MongoDB.

Anthem Security - http://jmctiern.wixsite.com/anthemsec

The data management team at Anthem is investigating the big data platform Hadoop. It requires a fine grained solution to securely mask Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally identifiable Information (PII) in its Big Data/Hadoop systems.  The solution should be able to protect data regardless of how the data is accessed (via tools such as HIVE/IMPALA or natively on HDFS) and provide different levels of attribute level masking and record filtering.  The student team researched the potential solutions (including Protegrity) to satisfy client needs.

GTRI - https://spring-2017-it-cap.wixsite.com/elsysdrp

The Georgia Tech Research Institute Electronic Systems Laboratory (GTRI-ELSYS) is an applied research organization that provides technical solutions to a variety of sponsors and supports about 450 researchers and staff. The computer support department develops, maintains, and supports the Information Technology (IT) systems used within GTRI-ELSYS. The unit has an outdated disaster recovery plan and needed to update it. The student team surveyed current and best practices, and helped to create a new disaster recovery plan with many improvements.

WhatstheBuzz - http://itcapstonebuzz.atwebpages.com

Whatsthe.Buzz is a startup service which offers quick survey and reporting for small restaurants through a mobile app. The founder would like to add some new features to his service and improve user experience on smart phones. The student team aimed at providing multi-survey functionality and did user testing of the app.

DocWeb - https://victoriacapstone.wixsite.com/capstone2017/ 

DocWeb (http://docwebtrc.com), a digital marketing company located in Salem NH specializing in digital marketing programs primarily in the medical vertical, has a need to re-write and significantly improve a small web application that is designed to assist a medical office track patient compliance with HEDIS measures. The web-based software application, written using PHP 5.2 and MS-SQL Server, currently performs some of the requirements and may be used as a tool to help understand and analyze the new requirements. The team was charged to update the website especially to rebuilt the frond-end of the application.



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