Fall 2016 IT Capstone Projects

GTRI - http://gtriticketsystem.wixsite.com/project

The Georgia Tech Research Institute Electronic Systems Laboratory (GTRI-ELSYS) is an applied research organization that provides technical solutions to a variety of sponsors and supports about 450 researchers and staff. The computer support department develops, maintains, and supports the Information Technology (IT) systems used within GTRI-ELSYS, including servers, workstations, printers, networks, and storage devices.
The computer support department currently uses Kayako’s eSupport, version 3.70, a web application for submitting trouble tickets. The software uses PHP 5.2, MySQL 5.6, and IIS 7.5 to host the service. This version is rather outdated and Kayako has completely re-engineered their currently offered ticket software. GTRI-ELSYS would like to either get this system upgraded to the latest version Kayako provides or purchase a new system and migrate the tickets over. The team have researched and implemented four major alternatives.

MongoDB Security - https://sites.google.com/site/capstonemongo2016/

New data management systems beyond SQL (NoSQL, or Not Only SQL) have been developed to handle semi-structure and unstructured data. They also post new security challenges that may be different from RDBMS. In this project, a team of students have investigated three security issues of MongoDB, and implemented the security settings on an existing MongoDB database.

Atlanta Toolbank - https://sites.google.com/site/toolbankksu/

The Atlanta Community ToolBank, a nonprofit organization, stewards an inventory of tools for lending to charitable organizations to increase the impact of their mission-related efforts in the community. Atlanta ToolBank is in need of a member-facing and mobile friendly web app to automate the tool-lending reservation and confirmation process. The team has built a WordPress plugin (to be integrated into the organization's main website) for such a functionality. The app interacts with the Salesforce at the backend for data processing.

TAG Survey Report - http://chaneymakes.com/tagcapstone/

The Technology Association of Georgia sought proposals from qualified firms and/or Universities that were interested in preparing research data to be used to provide insight and trending information on Georgia’s technology industry. The results should be accessible by TAG through some form of digital dashboard (example: http://tagstateoftheindustry.com/2016/key-findings/key-finding-1.html). One KSU team submitted a proposal and needed to investigate and prepare a data visualization and dashboard solution. The team has researched several solutions and implemented sample solutions using Tableau.

Network Security -https://sites.google.com/site/networkattackanalysis/

Network traffics are generated while hackers apply various tools to attack computers within a network. Analyzing traffics for characteristics of various exploits provide intelligence to cyber security experts for ongoing attack patterns. In this project, students have been looking for a way to simulate exploits using Armitage tools, capture network traffics from various exploits, and provide analysis capability for detecting early symptoms. 

Moodle - https://sites.google.com/site/moodlecapstone/

The Distance Learning Center provides faculty training programs for online faculty at KSU. Currently, the DLC uses D2L Brightspace to deliver its training programs. Due to its limited access, the D2L system cannot be used in the situations of new hires. Therefore, the DLC is looking for an alternative in addition to D2L to deliver its training programs. Being one of the most popular open-source learning management systems, Moodle was considered as the primary alternative. The team has investigated and built a solution based on Moodle.



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