Spring 2016 IT Capstone Projects

Bethany Negash Foundation - https://sites.google.com/site/bnmfwebdev/

The Bethany Negash Memorial Foundation is a non­profit organization that provides educational resources for children. It needed of a web presence to extend its reach to its target audience and to keep its members abreast of current news and issues. The team was responsible to analyze the client’s needs and develop a mobile friendly website and application.

"I view this project as the most helpful of all the courses in my degree program and career. Capstone has taught me more about myself and how to interact with others and how the real world work environment might be like."

MongoDB - https://sites.google.com/site/nosqldatagatheringquery/

JSON has been used widely these days for data exchange and even storage. New data management systems beyond SQL (NoSQL, or Not Only SQL) have been developed to handle semi-structure and unstructured data. In this project, the team was charged with implementing a MongoDB database of Google Books data that will be used in a new course. The team exported the data using Google Books API, cleaned and loaded the data to a MongoDB database, and complete various data processing and administration tasks. A web-based application was also developed to demonstrate the use of MongoDB use in web applications.

Alumni Database - https://sites.google.com/site/ksuitcapstonealumnicatalog

The IT department started an initiative to track graduates' placement and career information. The idea was to retrieve the data from LinkedIn, store them in a custom designed database, and produce queries and reports. A team of students have researched the LinkedIn profile APIs and data structure, designed a relational database, and entered the data. They also conducted some analysis and created reports to address the department need.

Mobile Usability - https://sites.google.com/site/itcapstonemobileehr/

Mobile computing has had a huge impact on many applications including healthcare applications, for example, Medsphere OpenVista. The usability of these mobile healthcare applications has been a major issue in software design and adoption. In this project, the team helped research and develop a heuristic based evaluation system and methodology to compare and study the usability of major open source EHR system on mobile devices.



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