Fall 2015 IT Capstone Projects

Amazon Data Analysis - https://sites.google.com/site/amazoncapstone

One of the retailers wanted to study the fashion market in USA though Amazon. The company needed to gather product data provided by Amazon and conduct some analysis. The team was charged to gather the data through the Amazon Product Advertising APIs, design a database to store the data, and develop a web application for queries and reports.

"(This capstone project) really allows the collaboration between school and business. I can see it will work out great for some proof of concept projects for businesses. Will do it again." Commented by the project sponsor.

Log Analysis - https://sites.google.com/site/loganalysiscapstone/

Log files are commonly used to log computer operations and activities. It has become increasingly important to trace these operations and understand them through data analysis. In this project, students researched and analyzed college of computing (CCSE)’s website log data (2 years) using the Elastic platform including Logstash, Elasticsearch, and Kibana.

“I have completely enjoyed this project. This project [ignites the] start of a long term research on applying log processing towards analyzing security and privacy breaches.” Commented by the project owner. The project was accepted for presentation at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research 2016.

Forsyth County Schools Personal Site - https://sites.google.com/a/students.kennesaw.edu/itcapstone/

Forsyth county schools is a K-12 education system that serves over 42,600 students in 35 schools, the seventh largest school system in Georgia. It is the largest employer in the Forsyth County with over 4,300 full-time employees and 1,300 substitutes. FCS wanted to provide a simple personal website hosting solution to its employees and students, with integrated login using the current Active Directory system. A team was charged to study FCS needs, recommend, and implement a solution. The final solution was implemented on WordPress.

The project received highest evaluation from the project sponsor among all projects.

Open Source EHR - http://ehrcapstone.blogspot.com 

Open source electronic health records (EHR) adoption has been increased significantly in rural and community health centers typically providing health care to low-income and underserved communities. The objectives of this research project are threefold. First, investigate the current state of open source, the newly emerging technologies in open source specifically related to EHR. Second, analyze at least three open source EHR software and use all of them to implement a few given clinical processes respectively. Third, compare the software customization processes and make a recommendation on how to select and implement open-source EHR.

The project resulted in a KSU CETL Incentive Funding Awards for Research and Creative Activity 2015.

Travel Site - http://travelcapstone.blogspot.com 

http://www.rethompsontravel.com is a website for travel services. The current website needed a number of improvements including a user interface upgrade. The student team studied the current site and designed a better UI. The change was measured  based on Google Analytics.


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